Friday, August 05, 2011

Quynh Vi & Ky Duyen Wear the Same Dress

Quynh Vi is preparing the release of her new album Giac Mo Danh Mat. For the album cover and photo spread, the singer adorns a white dress much similar to the one Ky Duyen wore in black. I always find it interesting when celebrities collide with the same or similar outfit. Check out the images below and let me know who you think wore it best.


Anonymous said...

Quynh Vi better.

Kim said...

Quynh Vi is waaaay better. I think she totally ROCKED this dress & the white color is so classy & elegant. I have her cd & I loved the dress on her the first time I saw the pics. This dress would look so beautiful in other colors like hot pink or even red (red & gold are QVs fave colors) :)

Anonymous said...

Quynh Vi looks much better, more classy and elegant.