Friday, August 19, 2011

The Secret to Minh Tuyet's Success

In an interview, Quang Le shared his feelings about Minh Tuyet and the secret to her success in Vietnamese showbiz. He praised her professionalism as well as good characteristics as an older sister and as a friend. In fact, Minh Tuyet isn't tall, her appearance in real life isn't that glamorous like on Thuy Nga, and her beauty is not that outstanding. But Minh Tuyet is successful because of the way she carries herself onstage when performing as well as her dedication to music and career by working hard. Quang Le shared, "When Minh Tuyet is performing on stage, she is incredibly sexy, very feminine, while singing her eyes fascinate people. Minh Tuyet is a singer described as sexy from the heart. Why are audiences so into Minh Tuyet? Because Minh Tuyet is very sincere from the eyes to her movement of the body, as if to say something that people would want to ... die immediately for." Minh Tuyet's success is not a coincident nor was it easy to achieve. It was because of her professional passion and devotion. She would practice for hours on a performance that would often include a lot of dancing and moving around. One time, Minh Tuyet stayed up for 24 hours to prepare for a performance. She went from rehearsal to wardrobe and then here and there until the morning time. Quang Le said, "When a singer makes such sacrifices for his/her career, it will surely result in success."

The two singers have known each other for over 15 years, but have only been close for about 10 years. Quang Le shared an event, which brought them closer together. One time, when Minh Tuyet and Quang Le were performing at the same show, Minh Tuyet's flight was delay so she came late. The organization people used that excuse to not allow her to sing anymore. Quang Le felt that the show organizers wanted to save money since tickets were already sold out by not paying Minh Tuyet. He felt that it was not right because many of the audiences came to see her. Even if the show organizers refuse to pay Minh Tuyet, they could at least let her sing for the honor between the singer and the audience. Therefore, Quang Le took action when it was his time to sing. Instead of singing two songs, he sang just one and then announced Minh Tuyet's part without the permission of the show organizers. As a result, he gained the love of an older sister and a friend. There were times when people would try to divide their love, but the mutual understanding for one another would eventually have them sitting down and clear things out. "Sometimes, friends would be angry at one another, but Minh Tuyet wouldn't stay angry for long. She said she would, but she wouldn't." Minh Tuyet is a straightforward and sincere person and that's what Quang Le likes about her and sees as her strength. In addition to being close with Minh Tuyet, Quang Le is also close to her sister Ha Phuong. Quang Le admires Minh Tuyet's family, claiming that she has a great family because all three sisters sing and are successful in their lives. Coming up, Minh Tuyet plans to do a tour for students, she wants to immerse herself into the atmosphere of the students and dedicate to them a special performing night with a very low price.  Source

Speaking of a tour for students, Duong Trieu Vu and Bao Thy are doing a college tour around the country in Vietnam. Click here to read more about it.

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