Monday, August 15, 2011

Thuy Phuong is Engaged

Apparently Thu Phuong is engaged to Dung Taylor (shown in the image above). The singer just recently updated her marital status on Facebook hours ago stating so. I was under the assumption they're together since forever it seems. Dung Taylor started out as her manager. He supported her when she first came to the states. Their relationship went from business to romantic. Like many other celebrities, they tend to deny the romantic relationship at first claiming he's only a friend or the favorite term "người anh tinh thần," a brother to support them spiritually. That's how they all started until they started to uhmmm, yea. Thu Phuong and Dung Taylor started living together and have a son named Gia Bao. It could that the singer is now taking the legal actions to be with this guy or just simply updating her marital status late on Facebook. Either way, it is nice to know and congrats to Thu Phuong. This will be a good thing for her son. I am hoping to see a wedding soon?

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