Friday, August 26, 2011

Toc Tien Performs on a Shaking Table

Toc Tien is one of the many singers performing at Marian Days (Dai Hoi Thanh Mau) 2011. She did a great job on a much smaller stage with audiences surrounding her. Toc Tien performed "Guc Nga" and "My Turn" where she asked Quynh Vi, Hoai Tam, Mai Tien Dung, Bang Kieu as well as audiences to dance with her. Hot and dangerous as the table shakes and Toc Tien takes off her heels. I just love how the comedians joined her. They're so much fun! Check out the videos below and a BIG thanks to those who uploaded them.

"Guc Nga" with back up dancing by comedians Thuy Nga & Hoai Tam 

A closer view of "Guc Nga" with comedian Viet Huong joining the group

"My Turn"

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