Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cam Ly Spends 2 Billion VND for Upcoming Live Show

After the success of live show "Tu Tinh Que Huong" held in October of 2009, Cam Ly will continue with live show "Tu Tinh Que Huong 2" at Hoa Binh Theater on the 16 and 17 of September, 2011. Currently at the final stage to preparing for the upcoming two nights of her live show, she did not forget to release her new album "Nua Trai Tim" in late August of this year. The album includes some of the best love songs from more than a decade ago such as Khi Co Don Em Goi Tên Anh, Ngan Nam Van Doi, Nua Trai Tim, Tinh Em Ngon Nen, Mua Tren Bien Vang that were mixed and arranged with a modern and romantic touch by musicians Ly Huynh Long, Due Hung, Minh Hoang, and Huu An.

Upcoming live show "Tu Tinh Que Huong 2" will be more diverse in both form and content. About 30 items including various genres will be showcased for several hours. The items will also be directed and staged by Pham Hoang Nam and Minh Vy. This is live show concert is the "biggest" ever for Cam Ly and her crew with the current funding of 2 billion VND, which is about 100K in USD. The two night's concert will have appearances by Hong Van, comedian Hoai Linh, singers Dan Truong, Dam Vinh Hung, Quang Linh and Quoc Dai who appeared in "Tu Tinh Que Huong 1." The concert will have special appearances by Minh Tuyet and Ha Phuong as the three singers will perform vibrant young music as well as smoothing folk songs. Source.

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