Monday, September 05, 2011

Dan Nguyen in Sydney Photos

Check out Dan Nguyen's photos in Sydney that he shared via Facebook. As you probably know, Asia Entertainment is doing a live show tour in many cities in Australia titled "Dong Nhac Anh Bang." So many of Asia's singers and production members have been in Australia here and there and some posted up pictures. I will post up more set of photos from other artists later on. In the photos below are pretty much Asia singers for the most part such Lam Nhat Tien, Lam Thuy Van, Y Phung, My Huyen, Quoc Khanh, and Doan Phi with emcee Leyna Nguyen goofing around and going out and about. In the first photo, group picture you see other singers like Bang Tam, Manh Dinh, Tuong Nguyen, Tuong Khue, emcees Viet Dung, Nam Loc with musician Anh Bang. To see photos from the live show posted by Dan Nguyen, click here.

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