Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Jennifer Pham Shops for Her Son During Moon Festival

Jennifer Pham roamed the streets of Hanoi shopping for lanterns and other things relating to the Mid Autumn or Moon Festival because she knows what it means to children during this time of the year. "Unfortunately during this particular holiday, Bao Nam (her son) does not have the opportunity return (to Vietnam), to live among the Mid Autumn Festival atmosphere..." However, the actress plan to package these items she shopped to her son over in the United States. Jennifer wishes that around this time next year, she and her will get a chance to roamed the streets together and he will pick out things he likes.

The time wandering in the streets and seeing family with their children, Jennifer Pham missed her son dearly. But she was happy for those families and their happiness. As of late, she has been really busy with her work traveling back and forth from North to South Vietnam. Jennifer shared that in the morning before walking the streets of Hanoi she participated in a charitable program giving free eye surgery to poor patients. After the night of shopping, she will be in Ha Long and then returning to Hanoi for another event. Even though the work is quite busy, Jenni is very happy to have work and to contribute. Source

My Thoughts: I don't know about the Mid Autumn Festival being something special for children over in the United States, maybe Halloween is a closer holiday to them during this time of the year. Children in Vietnam grow up fast and they are lacking a lot of "fun time" and toys and things to play with so any holiday or special events is big to them. Even nowadays, events like this might not mean much to them because of the impact of technology, the Internet and just the pace of life in Vietnam right now. Instead of spending time shopping for her son and packing things to send over that he might not like because he has his Nintendo DS... Jennifer Pham should spend actual quality time with her son rather always saying she's busy with work because work will always be there. And time spend with your son as he's growing up is priceless.

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