Saturday, September 10, 2011

MC Viet Dung Celebrates Birthday in Perth

Emcee Viet Dung and Asia's crew celebrated his birthday in Perth, Western Australia during their concert tour in Australia. "It was the first night in Perth, right on the day of emcee's Viet Dung's birthday so everyone gathered for a birthday dinner that turned into a party. It was a small party but full of warmth, laughter, happy wishes. Viet Dung had cardiac catheterization done 3 times already and his health has not been restored like before. The doctor did not allow for him to fly anymore, therefore this trip to Australia will probably be his last," shared singer Don Ho who was among the people on tour. Check out some photos below courtesy of the singer.


Tony Nguyen, Canada said...

While admire this guy for some of his work but many of his comments & jokes on stage are just plain retard and too "vo duyen". Viet Dung buddy, don't put a shame on cai duyen cua Nguoi Bac, PLEASE & thank you.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Well said.