Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Nguyet Anh's Dreamy Photo Shoot

Nguyet Anh has always wanted to take a set of photo by the sea, liberating her soul in a dreamy and romantic photo shoot. Musician Le Xuan Truong, a close friend helped her captured this beautiful moment at the Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach, California just a month ago. "Nguyet Anh once confided to me, this life is as sad as the rivers flow, it can suddenly becomes bland, and I sometimes suffer from the injustice and contrary of life and can only cry quietly in the night ... " said musician Le Xuan Truong. Nguyet Anh is a former member of the girl group called "Tam Ca Con Gai." Right now, she is all about trying to live a peaceful life away from the hypocrisies and lies. In love, she believes the most important thing is that both sides need each other, accept each other's weaknesses and turn them into attractions. Nguyet Anh likes blues music, slow sad, the music that exposed the heart of anxious. Le Xuan Truong reviews the singer's voice saying she has a very standard way to pronunciation coming from Northern Vietnam. And this adds to the music a lovely focus. She has always expressed her thoughts through the words in the song, making her voice travel along with every feeling.


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