Thursday, September 29, 2011

Nhu Quynh's Fashion Flop

Well known for her singing, Nhu Quynh is notorious when it comes to fashion. The singer is often caught with bad hair choice as well as clothing and accessories, which makes many think if some stars only look good on stage, off stage they're worse looking than the average person. The professional make up, hair, and designed attire make up about 50% of their appeal. Nhu Quynh doesn't look good with her hair up, but she loves the look so much, she's always pulling her hair back. In the photos below, the singer paired her favorite quick and easy hair do with a dress not at all flattering to her body and sunglasses. In an interview with VFTV, Nhu Quynh shared that she wishes to be a guy in the next life because females have to so much to do when they go out, so much to put on.

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