Sunday, September 18, 2011

Thuy Huong - Take Me Music Video

Check out Thuy Huong's new music video "Take Me." Let me know what you think.

For me, the video is mediocre. The song could have been better as well as the singing. It's just too soft and boring. Secondly, I don't like the golden glittery image- dark and dirty looking. Thuy Huong is too thin I see her ribs and it is not sexy. She's a bit too tan as well. The first scene of Thuy Huong walking in the sand with the flowing orange dress is nice. But then the second image with the golden look with too much glitter doesn't quite fit in. Next, there is the cute scene of her and the guy drawing with chalk and the white outfit with the headband. Overall, the music video has too many ideas thrown together---- sexy, mysterious, and cute. Oh and what's up with that hideous looking kitchen?!

Take Me performed by Christine Thuy Huong
© Copyright 2011 CTH Productions

Music & Lyrics by Christine Thuy Huong, Instigate & Art Pacheco
Directed by Mike Flight
Makeup/Hair: Duy Ly Nguyen
Stylist/Designer: Thai Nguyen Couture
Wardrobe Assistant: Andrew Phillip Nguyen
Male Actor: Eric Calvario
Set: The Noble House
Label: Asia Entertainment

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Anonymous said...

Um...I'm so confused. I'm guessing everyone involved in this production was too. I think Christine should put some time into vocal training and performance before embarking on music videos, and albums.