Thursday, September 08, 2011

Toc Tien Shy Away from Her Teen Idol Days

After two years of studying and working abroad. Toc Tien is maturing and she wants audiences to welcome and accept this change in her. The singer has a new album out titled "My Turn" as well as a new look that is more mature and sexy. No longer the "ruffled hair girl" that's cute. Toc Tien has become a vibrant woman full of femininity in her new album. "My Turn" is her third album, but it is the first bearing a personal imprint of her maturity both in terms of image and music style.

"I am a person who follows the natural way of life. Therefore I allow myself to develop in the most natural and comfortable way possible. I am not trying to build a 'grown up image' for myself. Perhaps the new life made me change more or less and everyone realized that," Toc Tien explains. Her new album includes nine songs by the following musicians Nguyen Hai Phong, Nguyen Hong Thuan, Vinh Tam, Nguyen Duc Cuong, Nguyen Phuc Truong Yen Lam, and Thanh Bui ... composed exclusively for the singer. The songs are remixed and arranged into a modern style.

The photos are also new, more fashionable and full of character. Toc Tien spent a month of her summer break in July of this year to make three music videos for two songs 'Bao Gio Ta Lai Yeu' and 'Da Phai' from her new album. The once "ruffled hair girl" now owns hair that is long and straight. What do you think of her new look? Source

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Anonymous said...

Depending on the angle we look at Toc Tien, her beauty changes ^_^ Some angles: ugly, some: normal, some: okay, and some: sexy.