Friday, September 09, 2011

Tran Thu Ha is a Soon to be Mom

Singer Tran Thu Ha shared in recent interview that she's prep with her music career as well as personal life. The singer is six months pregnant and is excited and full of energy. Being a mom will bring changes to her life as well as her music. Tran Thu Ha explains that everyone undergo changes, they become more mature and learn more when they open their eyes bigger. At the age of 34, she cannot be compared to when she was 20 because of the changes in her life. Her husband, Binh Doan is coming out with a new album titled "Hat Ru," in which she helps write lyrics to his work. In addition to composing songs, Tran Thu Ha also writes poetry. Recently she published "Ha Tran - Thap Ky Yeu," a collection of writings from 1998-2011.

Tran Thu Ha is always changing especially when it comes to her appearance. The soon to be mom explains that she is not the type of singer with a fixed image. When asked about being a diva in Vietnam, but only a singer among many others overseas, Tran Thu Ha replied that placement is not important to her. "The important thing is what I do and if I stay true to myself and my ability. I am a singer among many names, but one with no substitution, then why should I be offended?" Tran Thu Ha lost her mother when she was little, the singer shared that her mom was a special woman. "I admired her and always wanted to be a mother like her." She and her husband could have had children earlier in their lives, but they felt that they were not ready for parenthood. However, at the age of 34 Tran Thu Ha is ready for motherhood and is going to focus on many aspects of raising children. Source.

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