Saturday, October 08, 2011

Asia Golden DVD 2: Hung Ca Su Viet Special Previews

Check out the special video for Asia's upcoming DVD released, Hung Ca Su Viet.


Vinh Nguyen said...

Toi la nguoi Viet Nam luu vonh o Uc Chau toi rat hoan nghenh cho phat hanh Video Hung Ca Su Viet nay . Khi xem chieu thu 2 doan Video nay toi cam thay tinh Yeu Que Huong tran day trong toi , day that su la Dia Video khoi day long yeu Nuoc cho tat ca nguoi Viet Nam dung vao ngay Thoi Diem ma hiem hoa Phuong Bac dang de doa
Xin Cam on Trung Tam Asia Da va Dang thuc hien nhung Dia video ma toi nghi rat Can Thiet cho su ton vong cua Dat Nuoc Viet Nam than yeu

Anonymous said...

Me too. Toi cung cam ddong rat nhieu khi nghe nhung bai hat qua' la hung hon va qua' la` co' y' nghia.
Thanks TTAsia.

Duyen said...

It is the best dvd lam toi cam thay yeu dat nuoc viet nam cua minh. Toi khuyen khich moi nguoi mua dvd that, not a copy or illegal download, to support trung tam Asia for more valuable dvd like this in the futue.