Sunday, October 09, 2011

Bao Han Diagnosed With Parkinson's Disease

In a candid blog post titled "Smile Though Your Heart is Aching," Bao Han shared that she was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 2009. Parkinson disease is an incurable illness that is more common among the elderly after the age of 50. Bao Han was diagnosed with an early stage of the disease. "I only sat there and looked at her with a blank stare. She explained to me that it was a "mild form" of Parkinson's, meaning I was in an early stage of Parkinson's disease (PD). I remained calm. No emotional outbursts. No angry "WHY??" I was just very calm because deep in my heart I had always known that I had inherited my mother's disease. I just knew cause my instincts usually tell me right. For the very first time in my life I hated being right" explained the singer.

Due to her illness Bao Han was warned about having children because the medication would be an issue. "Tears were flowing when we talked about pregnancy. She told me to make baby plans as soon as possible cause once I was on medication naturally I would have to get off medications during pregnancy and the longer I was on medications the harder it would be to get off. How could I possibly think of getting pregnant when I had just found out that I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and that I would be on medication for the rest of my life." The first person that the singer called was her mom when she got the news.

You can read the rest of Bao Han's touching blog post, here. It is sad to know that she continued to perform on Paris by Night after she found out her condition. So was this one of the main reasons that made Bao Han want to retire early and head home for the support, love and care of family members? "...I had to fly back to continue touring as well as filming PBN... On the outside I remained the same, singing, dancing, entertaining and most importantly smiling BH but on the inside I was lost, scared and screaming."


Tommy Luu said...

Dear Bao Han, toi nghiep qua! I hope you get better soon! :(

Anonymous said...

Bao Han, my heart and prayers will be with you always. May God give you the strength and courage to face this.

Anonymous said...

Boa Han,

Sorry to know that... Just stay calm and do your best, be happy and enjoy your life. Hope there is Miracle!

VictorVoice said...

After watching her in several interviews and reading her story on her website,, I really admire how she keeps a positive attitude in her fight against Parkinson's Disease. I truly believe that she can overcome this despite how at present there is no cure for it. If she continues to be determined not to let the disease take her and pray, she will overcome. I'd love to see her back on stage someday soon. And I'm confident that she will.