Friday, October 07, 2011

Nhu Loan in France

Nhu Loan recently shared photos via Facebook of her trip to France. The singer visited Cannes and Saint Tropez. When I think of Cannes, I think of the film festival,  as for Saint Tropez, its history - a town by the river. Nhu Loan took some beautiful photos of the two locations. The scenery was awesome and breathe taking. Check it out below. You can see more photos if you go on the singer's Facebook page, here.


Anonymous said...

Nhu Loan acts like she's BALLIN out of control but doesn't post pictures of it. She just post pix of scenery, street walking, and going to a free beach. Ballers stay in 5-star hotels, eat at fancy restaurant, dress super nice, and do things most regular people can't do. She super recycle her clothes and poses in front of yachts??? Really, her trips are paid for by promoters, stay at their houses, and live off their food. She likes a window shoppers- a freeloader. But the worst part is act like she is better than all of us because she's been to these places. She calls herself a celebrity but spend like a broke FOB. She's just like her boobs look real but is all FAKE. Have no talents but thinks she a STAR. No wonder Americans laugh at us.

asssdsd said...

Im so surprised with ur hatred comment. for the fact that u did so much research for attack your prey. Everyone allow to express their opinions. you said "Nhu Loan acts like she's BALLIN out of control but doesn't post pictures of it". Like seriously u raised concern over that, she's just a freaking celebrity u sing to make a living and she enjoyed that. But it doesn't mean she needs to get u update with every single details of her life. Does she needs to tell u that she having steak for dinner and take a photo of herself eating to prove it to you. rational statement without being logical. i ccbf to argue against ur idiotic points, but if she doesn't have any talent at all , she wouldn't be survive in the entertainment industry for so long. "American laughs at us" really? vietnamese people laugh at u.