Saturday, October 01, 2011

Quang Le Sells Ring to Fund Live Show in Vietnam

It was reported that singer Quang Le spent an estimated of 6 billion VND, which is about 300k in USD for his upcoming live show in Vietnam "Hát Trên Quê Hương." This live show is different from previous ones with Minh Tuyet and other singers. This live show is all about Quang Le and the celebration of his music career. Furthermore, the show will be recorded into a special DVD. The event will play out on October 15, 2011 at Hoa Binh Theater in Saigon, Vietnam. Investment for the upcoming live show is greatly therefore the singer had to sell an expensive ring worth 2 billion VND to add to the fund.

Quang Le's upcoming live show in Saigon is going to be one to remember. For the show, the singer will have 10 changing outfits designed by Calvin Hiep. Quang Le puts his all into this as it is an anniversary celebrating of the singer's music career. "Although the investment put forth will never be recover, but it will leave a special product that marks Quang Le's career after 10 years." The live show will have appearances by emcee Ky Duyen, Minh Tuyet, Duy Manh, Quach Tuan Du, Bao Yen, Huong Lan and comedian Hoai Linh with music arrangement by Tung Chau. Source

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