Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Trieu Minh: A New Face on Van Son

Trieu Minh is one of the new singers of Van Son Entertainment. She is considered as the "fire" voice of the production. Trieu Minh was born in An Giang, Vietnam with the name Nguyen Thi Be Ngoan. She started singing at the age of 14 and was a member of the group "Ruby" in Saigon. The singer immigrated to the U.S about two years and is currently residing in a small city just 30 minutes drive from New York.

"After singer Cat Tien and emcee Viet Thao gave my CD demo to Van Son to listen, a few weeks later I received a call from the company to come in to audition and sign contract. After that I participated in Van Son 45 in Minnesota until now," explained Trieu Minh about how she entered Van Son Entertainment. Trieu Minh is currently working on her first album released by Van Son.

With a European look at about 5.6 feet tall, a casual style and simple - easy speaking way, Trieu Minh is sure to attract the opposite person. "Every artist has its own highlights; Trieu Minh has an inspiring and gentle voice. She knows how to select songs that best fit her voice. So it can be said that Trieu Minh will go further on the entertainment road, "commented Van Son, the owner of Van Son Entertainment about Trieu Minh. Source

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