Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trina Bao Tran in Aussie with Nguyen Thang & Justin Nguyen

Trina Bao Tran shared fun and interesting photos of her in Australia early this October with some colleagues/friends. The singer was out and about with Nguyen Thang, Lam Truong, Justin Nguyen, Helena Hong Ngoc, Huy Vu, Quynh Vi, and Rapper Phong Le. Trina roamed the streets as well as took silly backstage photos where she and friend Helena goofed around with Nguyen Thang and Justin. Also she celebrated her birthday on October 15 while in Aussie. Check out the images below.

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Anonymous said...

From "Broken" I have not seen Nguyen Thanh any other products. He appeared on Thuy Nga a few times before disappearing into the thin air