Friday, October 14, 2011

Why Some People Think Thuy Huong is Lazy?

Check out this new AuLacOi video to see why people think Thuy Huong is lazy.

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Anonymous said...

OK, TH let me tell you why people think you are lazy because I know English is easier for you to speak, even though you know Vietnamese, but you won't try to speak in Vietnamese. That proves that you are big LAZY. (I have to answer this in English so you can easily read it , since you are lazy and don't want to read it in Vietnamese)
The second thing that why don't you come out a CD yet? DUH, you are lazy remember? and you don't push hard enough. Well, the most important is that how many CD can you sell if trungtamasia come out with a CD for you? sẽ bị từ lỗ cho đến lỗ mà thôi. Không phải nói ra đây để mà put you down or anything, but it is the truth. Để xem cưng tồn tại được bao lâu nhé