Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bang Kieu Wants Sons to Follow in His Footsteps

Bang Kieu has been married to Trizzie Phuong Trinh for almost 10 years now. The two have had three boys together, Beckham, Colin and Kenzi (5 months). In a recent chat with the singer, he revealed that he is fully supported of his children if they want to join the entertainment business. His dream is to form a family music band. Bang Kieu’s two older sons show interest when they hear their father sing. Both Beckham and Colin are fluent in Vietnamese.

Bang Kieu and wife Trizzie were recently in Hanoi on December 12, 2011 and stayed for a few days. In Hanoi, the singer met up with fans and was given a portrait. Bang Kieu and Trizzie then traveled to Saigon to visit Trizzie’s side of the family. After that is Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the 18th of December for a show. While the singer travels with wife, his three sons are home in the U.S. with their grandmothers.

Both Bang Kieu and Trizzie Phuong Trinh talked about their dream of creating a live show in Vietnam. If allowed, Bang Kieu wishes to perform for audiences in all regions of Vietnam from North, to Central and South. For every CD that came out, Bang Kieu would always dedicate them to his wife because she has sacrificed her music career to support his. Behind every performance on stage such as the ones with Minh Tuyet, Trizzie Phuong Trinh serves as the director. Therefore, Trizzie shared that she does not get jealous.

At home, Bang Kieu tries to maintain healthy lifestyles with the guide of his wife, Trizzie. He reduces smoking and does not smoke in front of the kids. Bang Kieu also gave up eating “tiết canh” (duck blood soup). But he could not however stop eating dog meat. Source

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