Sunday, December 11, 2011

Don Duong Passed Away

Don Duong, actor passed away of a heart failure and a brain hemorrhage at age 55 in California on December 7, 2011. The actor appeared in the film "We Were Soldier" with Mel Gibson where he was considered a traitor in Vietnam, forcing him to leave the country in 2003. As a result, Don Duong's family businesses in Vietnam were often 'bothered' by Vietnamese officials. Over in the United States, he has become the topic of gossips including that with Hanh Phuoc, owner of a cosmetic surgery center. The two love birds could be spotted in the front row, VIP section of Thuy Nga Paris by Night's shows. However, the love soon faded when Don Duong allegedly blackmailed some rich old woman in Virginia using sex tapes of the two. This caused lawsuit for the actor and an end to his relationship with Hanh Phuoc. Sadly, after many attempts to gain visa into Vietnam, Don Duong was able to but he died before he could return home. Below are some images of the actor. Source; Source 2

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Vu Q said...

i still remembered his movies "anh lay xe xich lo", "three seasons(3 mua) xuan- ha- thu...","anh quan doi-chien xi( we were soldier)",voi mel gibson.. trong film anh co nhue hon nhien gay an tuong " nguoi vietnam da vang"... anh da dem lai 1 y tuong that trung thuc trong lang ngui sao dien anh o vietnam, cung nhu hoai nuoc trong thoi ky do va mai mai sau nay anh ko con nua.... kyten: q. vu