Mai Tien Dung and Diem Suong Hanging Out

Mai Tien Dung and Diem Suong are two of the younger singers in Thuy Nga Paris by Night. They are also among the new comers to show with Mai Tien Dung joining first. The young singers seem close as they often hang out together, goofing around here and there. Often they're in pictures with Toc Tien, the youngest singer in Thuy Nga Productions. Check out some photos below posted by Mai Tien Dung with comments.

"@ the paradise cove luau with Diem Suong. So far so fun. We both got a drink, n i got Tropical ITCH lol, n im feeling it :) ready for dinner abd shows:)"

"First night, we just shop"

"Pose DS, pose n Snap :)"

"Ahhh how about one more pose ^^"

"Here comes the shopping girl, eat too much DS @@, ooh well, the next pbn show is far away, its HALaDay hahhaa"

"@ the japanese market in the Ala Moana mall. one of the biggest galleria :) was having light fever though "

"Looking sexy there"

"Both look so dumb. Woke uo so early for snorkeling and dolphin advanture today. A 45' drive to the pier. :) gonna take a nap now. Update later. So stay tune hahahha"

"After snorkeling, both dead tired. Sea sick for the 1st time ever on the way back :( but it was beyond amazing. Great adventure. Will post up our pixture later :)"