Ha Thanh Xuan New Year Visit to the Temple

At the start of the New Year, Ha Thanh Xuan and other Vietnamese celebrities and their families are visiting the temple. Whether it is to pray and worship or just for show, it is nice to see the stars out and about. Check out some photos shared by the singer on her Facebook page. Also click here to see Quang Minh and Hong Dao's family at the temple as well.


Unknown said…
レイバン サングラス鑑賞会に招かれて、せっかくの日曜日なのに外出。レイバン aviatorにハマってしまったので、レイバンを聞いたら足を運ばずにいられない。お陰で、いろんな変わったレイバン モデルも見れて、来てよかったと思った。