Thursday, January 05, 2012

[Movie] Thien Menh Anh Hung - Buc Huyet Thu (Blood Letter)

Title: Thiên Mệnh Anh Hùng - Bức Huyết Thư (2011)
Director: Victor Vũ
Cast: Midu, Vân Trang, Minh Thuận, Khương Ngọc, Kim Hiền
Genre: Action, Martial Arts, Period
Time: 90 mins
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Blood Letter is adapted from a popular novel by Bui Anh Tan. The film is directed by Victor Vu with choreography by Johnny Tri Nguyen. Blood Letter recounts a murder case "Le Chi Vien" that resulted in the decreased of three generations of Nguyen Trai's family. 20 years later, a surviving grandson seeks vindication for his family. The film does not go into details the case of Le Chi Vien but focusing instead on portrays of complex relationships, love, and hatred of men in ancient social context. Blood Letter was shot in many places across Vietnam, in beautiful places such as Co Loa (Hanoi), Ninh Binh and Cu Chi (HCMC) with images of water and magnificence mountains.

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