Trish Thuy Trang's "Babymoon" with Husband in Maui

After audiences got over the shocking news of Trish Thuy Trang getting marry, they were then bombarded with baby news. I supposed out of all the singers, you wouldn't expect Trish mainly because she seems quiet and to herself. Also back then there was the misunderstanding about the singer's personality and vibe that she gave off, which she addressed in the song "Ice Queen." Despite all of the criticism, one can say that she is truly happy right now with her husband, family life and a baby on the way. Below are photos shared by the Trish on her Facebook. The singer and husband and their baby to be are vacationing in Maui, Hawaii that Trish calls the occasion a "babymoon."

"The other day my husband and I drove around the entire island of Maui! The road was crazy, winding and right off the cliffs into the ocean! This is a babymoon I'll never forget: )"

"Sunset dinner cruise in Lahaina on a perfect evening. Got to see some whales too!: )"