Monday, March 05, 2012

Huy Vu's Side Job as aTutor

Not sure if you know that Huy Vu graduated college with a master's degree business management at the University of Phoenix. The singer is pushing wife Quynh Vi to finish schooling, but she isn't as motivated. I remember a status where Quynh Vi said she's so lazy to go to class and Huy Vu has to drag her out. Anyhow, on Facebook Huy Vu shared the following message about his tutoring job. "

Hello everyone. I'm now operating a side tutoring business and I'm one of the tutors. Contact me if you or your children need some help in schooling. I can only tutor on the weekdays because I gotta fly out on weekends. Orange County area only please! Message me if you're interested.

So there you have it, if you or your children are in need of a tutor nearby or if you just want to see him in person and stare of his face because you or your children are fans. Both of you can now have a chance to do so up close and personal. (I shouldn't be putting out ideas). He only works weekdays and the hourly rate is $20-$60 within a 10 miles travel radius. Click here for more information on the subjects he covers.

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