Ha Thanh Xuan in Sydney Photos

Ha Thanh Xuan spent a day in Sydney, Australia at the Sydney Opera House area. After returning home, the singer posted up these images on her Facebook. I really dig her flora outfit with jeans. She looks good and refreshing. Also the outfit really says spring time and coincidentally correlates with her name. Check out the photos and let me know what you think.


Unknown said…
レイバン サングラス鑑賞会に招かれて、せっかくの日曜日なのに外出。レイバン aviatorにハマってしまったので、レイバンを聞いたら足を運ばずにいられない。お陰で、いろんな変わったレイバン モデルも見れて、来てよかったと思った。