Musician Thanh Son Passed Away

Thanh Son passed away just yesterday at 2:30pm on April 4, 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam at age 74. His real name is Lê Văn Thiện born in Soc Trang, Vietnam to a family of 12 children. He is well known for writing Noi Buon Hoa Phuong, Luu But Ngay Xanh, Mua Hoa Anh Dao, Phuong Buon and Tra Lai Thoi Gian. A great musician of his time, Thanh Son was a struggling artist like many others. Up to recently when he appeared on many Paris by Night videos that audience got to know him on a more personal note. They know about his health struggle and mostly recently when he was seen in Paris by Night 103 Tinh Su Trong Nhac Viet Nam. There he was viewed through a special video clip laying down and paralyzed. Although he had difficulty speaking, Thanh Son talked about his love story, the reason for some of love songs. He delivered his thanks to a woman who inspired his music and give him a reason for living. A mystery woman for many musicians or artists is common threads that often time are inspiration for classic songs. Musician Thanh Son will be missed but never forgotten through his music. Source


Anonymous said…
He was a great musician. May he rest in peace. :(