Singers at Silver Screen Opening in Houston

Many singers attended the Silver Screen Production Studio opening in Houston Texas. Silver Screen Production is an entertainment company for film and music. They do video and audio recording, dance, theater, concerts, and search for upcoming talents in all area of entertainment. Silver Screen Production is first large scale company for Vietnamese overseas with their opening on the 22nd of April, 2012. At the red carpet event video below you will see Trina Bao Tran, Helena Ngoc Hong, Nhu Quynh, Tu Quyen and Thanh Truc.


Anonymous said…
The host in the white dress sounded really vo duyen.
Anonymous said…
What's up w/the host in the white dress? who pick her? She sound like she very nervous, need to catch her breath when she speak, & yelling while talking, too. Pls practice in front of the mirror & fix your hair & that earrings doesn't go w/the dress.
She is so annoying & eyes sore to watch!
Anonymous said…
What's wrong w/that host in the white dress? Stop pinching people arms & yelling at their face w/a mic.!
She is so annoying to watch!