Trinh Hoi Published His First Book 'Hoi & Ngo'

What do you know; Trinh Hoi published a book titled "Hội & Ngộ." The book is his first published book with over 500 pages through Nguoi Viet. According to the source, this book is to bring us closer to knowing Trinh Hoi. He writes without show off his knowledge and experience but simply pouring out his guts and feelings." Behind the silliness and ordinary, Trinh Hoi has something profound and is deeply human? His writing is not polished or fancy but down to earth as if he's wearing shorts and a t-shirt. His writing is in dialogues, narrative toward the reader. The article about his debut book is very long and is basically praising him and all. I tried to translate and sum it up much shorter for you guys. If you are interested in ordering this book, click here. Let me know what you think. Source