Bang Kieu & Trizzie Celebrate Son's 1st Birthday

Bang Kieu and wife Trizzie Phuong Trinh celebrated their son, Kenzi's first birthday with a large gathering of family members, friends and colleagues. The couple went all out for their third and probably final son because wife Trizzie commented on Facebook that she is done with kids and is now focusing on revamping her career. As you might remember, Trizzie had a singing career of her own, which she part abandon to start a family and take care of that family. And now she feels it is to go back and redo. Let me know what you think and enjoy the photos.


quynh said… looked like a wedding.
reader 1 said…
that's what i thought too
Victoria said…
I agree with quynh and reader 1.
-jacki- said…
wow!! everyone look like they had fun and thuy nga & hoai tam look wild. and wow! get to see tuan anh, cong thanh, & huong lan, had to take a second look for i recognized them <3