Thuy Huong's New Photos

Check out Thuy Huong's latest photos with Kyle's Photography. The singer shared the following photos via Facebook. She commented that it was "an amazing experience with such natural talent and love for art @Melissa Kyle! Luv Her!" Let me know what you think of the photos.


Anonymous said…
I like Thuy Huong's singing and dancing. I think Thuy Huong can dance and express a song very well. She looks exotic (compared to other Vietnamese singers, according to my American friends). She dresses with style and can sing very well in English. I think her Vietnamese singing is good too (a lot better than some other American-born Vietnamese). She just needs to improve on her Vietnamese accents. I think if she tried to practice the Vietnamese words in a song with someone who speaks Vietnamese well so she can pronounce it clearly and exactly, then she will sing it much better. I think Thuy Huong is underrated by fans, while Anh Minh is overrated.
-jacki- said…
i like thuy huong & anh minh. i think both of them are very diff and each have their own style & performance. i think more people like anh minh cuz of her voice and she perform for naturally. anh minh's voice is pretty strong while thuy huong i think its pretty common to other female viet singers. i liked trish, anh minh, then thuy huong. just my opinion, and im glad that anh minh joined thuy nga, her 2 performances were awesome!! idk how she gonna top it next time. sorry that i got off subject and talked bout anh minh.