Monday, October 29, 2007

Jennifer Pham is Expecting!

As you probably all know by now that Jennifer Pham is pregnant. It was first reported at about the pregnancy news, however Jennifer denies in Viet Weekly magazine. The reason behind the denial claimed sources was to cover up the embarrassment of a pregnancy before marriage. continues to stand by their story and said that time will tell. And as predicted, Quang Dung broke the news in an interview that Jennifer is expecting. The baby should be due sometimes in May, counting on that she’s around 2 months pregnant. If we count from August when broke the news, the baby should be due in March. Let’s see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Who is Jennifer Pham?

Karly said...

beauty queen winner

Anonymous said...

Actually, not many Vietnamese people ( in US and in Vietnam,and in other places) know Jennifer Pham and her beauty contest so much and so long. She gets the spot lights (in Vietnam ) when she got married to Quang Dung, a Vietnamese well-known singer. The Americans in US , genarally speaking, do not know about her and that Beauty contest between the Asian people in US.If she were not married to Quang Dung, no Vietnamese Americans would really care about her in a country like US.