Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Viet Artists' Expansion Into Business


Vietnamese celebrities are expanding their business beyond showbiz and into business. As reported recently, singer My Tam from Vietnam launched her fragrant line Mytime introducing a new brand intended to expand in America and Europe. Emcee Ky Duyen opened up kyduyenhouse.com selling assort of things from jewelry, herb medicines,clothing, to traveling deal that Quang Le is also getting into. Besides the increase expand of Vietnamese celebrities in various advertisements and promoting, these celebrities are taking the opportunity to expand their investment while the public still have an interest in them

Closer to the entertainment biz, celebrities are releasing many calendar photo shoots and DVDs, especially Loan Chau who has her own production company. And Asia is also taking the opportunity to promote Trish Thuy Trang in DVD releases. The launch of celebrities website, and personal Myspace pages are connecting audiences and particularly fans closer to their idol and thus causing lots of promotion and gossip. The Vietnamese entertainment industry in America particularly is growing, and recently the escalating in Vietnamese movie production and quality in the movies as well. We see new faces and people who never acted before are stepping out into the limelight and making it big. Not only the Vietnamese entertainment industry in America, but in Vietnam as well. Vietnam has their own Vietnamese Idol and TV shows that mirror a lot of Hong Kong and Korean drama, which many Asians worldwide at different age range are very into. Also Vietnam artist are growing with new faces everyday. They are young people creating a big fan base and writing to their own music. Compared to many years back, the Vietnamese entertainment industry since the Vietnam War had change dramatically and will continue to rise gradually.

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