Sunday, January 20, 2008

Da Nhat Yen's Interview- Car Accident!

SBTN's (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) Bich Chau interviewed another singer, this time Asia's singer Da Nhat Yen about the rumor that she was involved in a car accident and broke her leg. Just days ago, Bich Chau interviewed Nhu Quynh about the rumor of a lawsuit against doctor Michael Dao. Click here to view the video interview with Nhu Quynh and the doctor.

P.S. This interview/rumor is just another way to promote Da Nhat Yen and her newly released DVD. I haven't seen the DVD, not buying it or planning to. From the preview given in the interview, the MTV is nothing new- another one of those...

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Anonymous said...

Nhung lan phong van truc tiep nhu the nay thi toi nhat set la Co Bich Chau nay an noi chang hay chut nao. Nhung bai phong van da duoc ai do viet bai cho sang thi nghe hay lam.