Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Round Up News: 01/15/08

Comedian Hoai Linh took home this year’s “Mai Vang Award “ (Golden Apricot Blossom) in Vietnam on January 11, 2008 for his contribution in the year of 07 as most liked comedian. Apparently Hoai Linh ditched Thuy Nga's show to for the golden award. Thuy Nga's Paris By Night 91 Hue, Saigon, Hanoi had its live taping on January 12 & 13 the days after the Award in Vietnam. Hoai Linh did not show up as advertised. Audiences were told that he was sick and so Uyen Chi was called in last minute as his replacement. Hoai Linh is probably among many overseas Vietnamese artist following the new trend to Vietnam for business and showbiz. Vietnam is a rising country even though it is still under communist rule and is having a growing problem of pollution and food poisoning. In relating news, Paris By Night 91 Hue, Saigon, Hanoi consisted of three parts about the different regions in Vietnam (from the north down to the south). Quang Dung and Thu Phuong showed up as predicted singing in the beginning songs about the northern region, Hanoi. It is a competition between production company to get Vietnam singers in their show to pull in audiences.

Most of Asia Entertainment shows are never in good with Vietnam and mostly banned because of its topic and straight up anti-Viet Cong behavior. Therefore this isn’t new that singers Bảo Yến, Y Phụng, Kim Tiểu Long, Phương Thảo, Ngọc Lễ, Ngọc Huyền and Minh Phụng those who appeared on Asia shows "Buoc Chan Viet Nam" and "Mua He Ruc Ro 2007" are under investigation and whether they will be allow to perform for awhile in Vietnam.

You may remember Le Uyen Phuong? They are the husband and wife duo that often sings together. But after the death of Phuong, Le Uyen is alone by herself. However she is emerging from hard times and came back to the stage recently in Duyen Dang Vienam 19 along with famous faces such as Dam Vinh Hung. Le Uyen expresses happiness to be in Duyen Dang Vietnam. However people are criticizing her for it. Le Uyen claims her love for her homeland as the reason she decided to take part, but she was in Asia shows performing against Viet Cong and now joining many Vietnam singers in Duyen Dang Vietnam? Others are backing her up by saying that she is older now and it’s hard to find jobs with the big productions or shows in the U.S. so she has to find a new field by going to Vietnam just as many other U.S. artists are too. Also singing is for the audiences, it doesn't matter the location, it's for Vietnamese people. There shouldn’t be any discrimination against the audiences or the singers.

Thuy Nga’s new singers included lots of talent show contestants and now Nguyệt Anh a member of the group “Con Gai” (Girls) from Vietnam reported to be joining Thuy Nga. Nguyệt Anh will be another younger singer added to Thuy Nga. However there are already talks about Thuy Nga bringing none quality singers to their show. Furthermore this story leaks on to whether or not Huynh Thi (one of the manager in Thuy Nga) and or To Van Lai (his father in law) have anything to do with this.

In other news singer Ngoc Anh returned to Vietnam after many years... to perform with no success but as she claimed its not about the showbiz but just being able to visit homeland. Ngoc Anh is said to be both a rocker star and also a graceful folk song singer as well. (Yeah right). There was an article previously about her life and how she suffered two divorced. Ngoc Anh’s busy schedule leaves her with no time so she had to leave her young daughter in Vietnam to be taken care by her mother. It seems that Ngoc Anh chose her career, the fame and being on stage over her daughter and family therefore led to the painful family issues? Ngoc Anh had her fame and moment but today it is all changing now. How busy can she be or is that she still holds on to her career and refuse to let go? She is not young anymore; maybe it’s time to settle down perhaps. Ngoc Anh misses her daughter very much and so in this trip she’s able to spend more time with her. (I bet if you pay $1000 dollars a bunch of people will want to baby-sit your kid all day long!)

Lastly in an interview, lawyer and emcee Trinh Hoi talked candidly about being naïve that he easily gets lure by women and girls into love to take money. Furthermore he talked about his job as MC as a mere coincident rather than having any connections to his wife (Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen).


MotTramDo.com said...

quality post, congrats :)

Anonymous said...

PBN is about visual effects. Asia has more "quality" singers. If going one on one, I think Asia would come out ahead because some of their singer are legitimate singers. PBN however, put on a lot of sexy dresses on worn out ex good-looker. Since the talent show that PBN copied America Idol (also the awards copied from Asia, and the comedies copied from Van Son, and numerour other copies...) their qualities have gone way way down. They only put on money makers and reduce quality singers for cheap prices. I mean come on, Nhu Loan, a singer? remove the computer aids and she is monotone at best.

Anonymous said...

Well that probably is true. I mean back then Nhu Loan used to have that awesome voice if you remember her singing "Men Say Tinh Ai" she would sing loud nd great! But now i think shes trying to do a "sexy seductive voice" and honey, it ain't working. Im not hating on anybody, it's just the truth. And yes, Asia does hav aloot of good singers, no scratch that, great singers! Its just that they sing too much old people songs! If they would do something about their whole stage set and lightings AND songs, it would be FANTASTIC!!