Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays! Round Up News

It is that time of the year again where lots of eating takes place. Well, for me that is. Somehow I always gain a few lbs around this time of the year. I hope you are enjoying the holiday break and get to spend some time with families and friends.

I’m sorry for not posting the last couples of days. There has not been anything big going on otherwise there is not much information to do a post on. However I want to do some tidbits reports on a few things. If you guys like this style of posting, I can do more in the future. It is easier for me and faster for you guys getting to core of things.

Apparently Viet Thao has some personal issue to tend to therefore he wasn’t in Van Son 38 in Singapore. Trish Thuy Trang’s Myspace got hacked, (yeah, like you guys care). But seriously a lot of singers (like Shayla) got their Myspace hacked and some of their pictures were deleted and so on. I wonder what’s the deal; what’s the purpose? Aside from these are random interviews and news from singers that not many people care to read about like Nguyen Hung talking about how he enjoys his times around his mom whenever he visits Vietnam for a show. I have to say something about singers who say they want to do shows in Vietnam so that they will have more time with their parents or family in Vietnam. What is up with that? If you truly want to go visit your family you can do it anytime, you don’t have to wait for a show to come around. Why don’t they just say they don’t want to lose money and time to go back or that they longer find business in the U.S. so they all go to Vietnam? Yeah it’s getting lame hearing this… like Ngoc Anh who left her kid in Vietnam for her mom to take care and decided to go to Vietnam to do shows so she can have more time around her kid.

Also there is some buzz about Nhu Quynh in Thuy Nga forum and how Kavana, the person monitoring the place is deleting all of Nhu Quynh related threads and materials. Nhu Quynh’s fans are feeling very offended, while others find no wrong in the action because supposedly Nhu Quynh turned her back on Thuy Nga. And the issue involving Bang Tam and Ho Le Thu has taken on a new level when Bang Tam openly spoke about the issue saying that the rumors are planned to hurt her reputation and so on. Apparently Bang Tam could have just ignore the issue since it wasn’t big and had no real evident but she decided to bring about fire on herself when she tried hardly to defend her good girl image. Anh Minh seems to be rejoining Asia after news about her departure from Asia and becoming a freelance artist. Rumors are going around that Thuy Nga is trying to lure her over.

There are lots of talk about Quang Dung and Thu Phuong joining Thuy Nga to fight off Asia’s bringing in Nha Phuong and Bao Yen. Also with Quang Dung joining Thuy Nga, Bang Kieu won’t be quite please to have another competitor from Vietnam. And on to some old beef, emcee Nam Loc from Asia in an interview spoke out that Asia did not fired Trinh Hoi. But some people do not believe what he said. Furthermore Nam Loc recently received some award for his many years of devotion to the community and so there have been a few headlines about him. Even though some people congratulated him, others criticized by saying that he was paid to do many of the things and they compared him to Trinh Hoi who did not get pay and continue to really work for the community. Lastly the issue with Dam Vinh Hung versus the Vietnamese community and U.S. singers continue on, bigger each day. What are your thoughts?

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Hey, keep up the good work. Happy holidays.