Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy VDay! Round Up News 2/13/08

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day and I know you’re excited to get in the loving spirit. Hehe. Well maybe for most of us but I’m definitely not feeing the love. ): Yeah I don’t know. I’m all alone by myself with nobody this V-Day. That’s just me though because others are doing great actually. I just heard singer Tuấn Ngọc and his wife Thái Thảo made up. That’s just great to hear.

There is one sad news though was that veteran singer Thanh Lan when performing in a live taping on SBTN (Saigon Broadcasting Television Network) stage accidentally tripped on the stairs falling down causing her to injure her hand. Furthermore because she used one of her hands as support that caused her to suffer scratches, bleeding and the hand bruised badly. Audiences all over saw it live and felt very concern for the singer. However Thanh Lan was very professional to continue performing even with an injured hand. Also she didn’t want to disappoint the audiences and fans that came to see her. Thanh Lan did take some pain reducing pills and continued on the show singing.

Also I found this video from 2006 that showed Lam Truong’s house in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Check it out. P.S. I really wanted to post lots the last couple of days, but I have nothing, there’s nothing interesting going really. Um… I have though in stock for you guys in the future some very interesting photo collections. I know many people are interested in that. The photos include some wild moments from the singers, some pictures of their family, and also pictures of when they were little. And best of all you get to guess whom.

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