Friday, April 25, 2008

CD: David Meng - Tình Phai

What can I say? It is about time! If you’re a fan of David Meng, you can check out his profile here and support him by purchasing this CD.

1. Xin Lỗi Em - David Meng
2. Anh Không Muốn Làm Người Thứ Ba - David Meng
3. Người Đàn Ông Chân Thật - David Meng
4. Chỉ Mình Anh Thôi - David Meng
5. Đêm Trăng Tình Yêu - David Meng
6. Tình Yêu Nào Phải Trò Chơi - David Meng
7. Mặc Kệ Người Ta Nói - David Meng
8. Trả Hết Cho Người - David Meng
9. Tình Phai - David Meng
10. Yêu Để Rồi Biết Xót Xa - David Meng
11. Vì Sao Thế - David Meng


Anonymous said...

This won't sell well. All songs are old, and of famous singers. He's not smart...he shouldn't sing these songs..these songs are trademarks of the previous singers.

Cinthia said...

Am I being bias by not wanting to listen to the cd because he doesn't attract me? LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey cinthia!if you're a true music fan, give David M. or any other singers a chance to showcase their god giving talents regardless on how their look.If you prefered their physical&facial appearances only ,then you should watch Paris by night where they show lot of pretty faces and anerexia bodies,but can't sing as well as some other artist from Asia Entertainment,Van son or other organization.