Friday, June 27, 2008

Anh Oi Youtube Contest

Anh is a website that features some very unique t-shirts that embrace the Vietnamese spirit and culture, plus creativity from the younger generation. Winner of Top Viet Model, Alex Tran recently modeled for a clothing line call Em Oi. Currently, Anh Oi is hosting a contest where you can win some cool prizes by showing your creativity by incorporate in the words, "anh oi" or "em oi" into a song. Check out the video below with an example from Asia's emcee Thùy Dương. The deadline is August 1, 2008.

You can win apparel from Submit a video of yourself using the word "anh oi" or "em oi" and the top 5 videos with the most views will win.

1. Create a video of yourself saying "anh oi" and/or "em oi" in the video.
2. Upload your video on youtube as a video response to our video below.
3. Be creative and have fun! The more interesting and creative you are the better!
Deadline August 1, 2008.
Judging will be based on the most views and high rates.

Prizes: (hoodie excluded)
1st place wins any 3 items from our website
2nd place wins any 2 items from our website
3rd place wins any 1 item from our website
4th & 5th place wins collector buttons set

Questions email to:


Anonymous said...

They're cheap. We do all the work and they get paid a ton for the creative work or intellectual property. The prizes should be better. Some source said that it only cost them 25cents to make the T-Shirts.

Le said...

I like Anh oi's products the t's are cute. but they're pretty expensive.

TN said...

Anh Oi has really nice stuff. I know they use American Apparel t-shirts to print on which is a really high quality and very soft. I think i'm going to submit a video:)