Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Quang Dũng's House in VN

Singer Quang Dũng's house in Vietnam on Huỳnh Văn Bánh Street reflects a lot into his personality. From the design, choice of colors, and furniture, we get a reflection into the singer's preferences and how he lives his life. The simplicity, calmness, down to earth, yet has its uniqueness, and is quite catchy. Similar to singer Lam Trường, Quang Dũng when at home likes to spend some time looking at the many fish swimming around in their habitat. The singer also takes a liking into collection various Buddha statues, as well as coins from around the world. The whole house is fill with Quang Dũng’s personal touch and his accomplishments, from the obvious display of the singer’s album along the stairway. At a certain time of the day, light reflecting on the house’s design brings about a mysterious feel.


Cafesuada said...

nhà j thấy ghê.Đúng là vn,decorate tòan lượm lặt đây kia 1 tí,ghép dzô, nhìn rối.

Anonymous said...

Quang Dung was originally from a poor family in Quy nhon,Binh Dinh. His family was kind a farmers'( nuoi heo). His mom sold pork meat in the market.When he was a young boy,he "xach nuoc com","nuoi heo" for helping his family.What he has now is more than what he expected,thanks to the viewers( who paid money ). He should stop suing DEP magazine.He gets paid to sing,that is enough.He should finish his controversial relationship with the wife named "hoa hau" Jennifer Pham.I feel disappointed about this exposed singer.We live in a free world of speech.Magazine Dep has their right to write honestly about him.

Anonymous said...

I think it's beautiful to have a history so what if he came from a poor family. Why would Quang Dung opposed to this article? It must be something else that this magazine did! Unless the magazine tried to portray the idea that having a poor upbringing somehow make an artist less talented.
And please don't tell me about the free speech and all that!!! We know that already! Writing about someone is a sensitive subject, this magazine should take some responsibilities over their chosen words.

BTW there are many smart, talented, and beautiful people shared a background of "originally from a poor family."

Quang Dung, just move on! I'm sure you have much better things to do. You have a great voice, especially singing some of TCS songs.

"Words are meaningless
And forgettable...
Words are very unnecessary
They can only do harm."
-Depeche Mode.