Thursday, December 04, 2008

Trinh Hoi & Ky Duyen Ended Their Marriage of 4 Years!

Trinh Hoi and MC Nguyen Cao Ky Duyen calls it quit after 4 years. Before the final news broke via Ky Duyen’s forum, there had been numerous news as well as gossips about a potential divorce. Although the problems in their marriage may have existed awhile back, but the most definite sign began when Trinh Hoi started working in his Vietnam first as a lawyer and then entering the entertainment biz where he starred in the movie 14 Days – 14 Ngay Phep. Every since then there had been news reporting that Trinh Hoi was getting intimate with other women in Vietnam. Even though Ky Duyen would sometimes visit him Vietnam, the consistent separation placed a definite hole in their marriage.

Trinh Hoi and Ky Duyen's two children

Ky Duyen her two girls.

MC Ky Duyen however stated that that all the recently news about the reasons behind their split were false. But she does not provide a reason for why they separated. On the other hand, the two will remain as friends. “What made us thought a lot about after deciding on divorce was the two children,” she said. Before marrying Trinh Hoi, Ky Duyen has two daughters of own from a previous marriage. News sources had contacted Trinh Hoi about the matter. He has no further comment.

*Credit to Ngoisaonet


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