Nhu Quynh, Husband, and Daughter Photo Collection

This is a picture collection of singer Như Quỳnh, her husband Nguyễn Thắng (not to be confused with singer Nguyễn Thắng), and daughter Melody Đông Nghi. In the past, Nhu Quynh had kept her husband a secret and refused to let the public know about her baby's daddy. Even so, leaked images and gossips here and there even made its way through. Nowadays Nhu Quynh and her family can be seen at various events. And daughter Melody is growing up looking quite like her mom and dad. Credit images to yeunhacvang, nqstarlight, and Huyng Gia Tuan's Facebook. Click on the images to enlarge. Enjoy.

Nhu Quynh, holding Melody's hand on stage

Daddy's helping Melody get ready.

Nhu Quynh and husband Nguyen Thang

Nhu Quynh and husband at Thuy Nga's 100 VIP Party

Nhu Quynh and Nguyen Thang on the far right

Nhu Quynh, husband, daughter and ex Andy Quach

Nhu Quynh and daughter in the center

Husband and daughter in the audience of Paris By Night Divas


Audience said…
Cute!!! Happy family!!!

I've just seen Nguyen Than and Nhu Quynh in Cambodia show. They look so cuteeee!!
KyDuyen said…
Thay hinh anh chàng đẹp trai.
Anonymous said…
nhu quynh love:
it's so sad nhu quynh became mom huhuhuhuhhuhuhu
Lệ Hằng said…
I always thought he was smokin' hot!
Sa Kimberly said…
MMMMmmmmm he is soooo sexy in person ;))
Hoàng Hồng Nhung said…
Biết bao nhiêu người vẫn khen anh chong Nhu Quynh đẹp trai. Toi cung chú ý với khán giả.
MyNhi said…
I can't get over how gorgeous he is. Vietnam is crazy about this guy.