Sunday, April 03, 2011

"Co Gai Trung Hoa" Jazi Turns Promiscuous

Even though I'm sick right now I just have to blog about this video. You might have seen the little girl, Jazi who sang "Co Gai Trung Hoa." She was the buzz awhile back. Everyone was saying how cute. Well, I just came across this video of her where she's supposedly stripping to "Airplanes?" I think it's not "hot" or cute to see a little girl so young and already exploiting her sexuality. Whoever taped her, assuming her parents should be ashamed. I'm so grossed and disgusted by the video. Just imagine the number of pedophiles out there who's getting on with this video. Sick. Okay, I'll let you watch and be the judge for yourself. Tell me what you think.

"Co Gai Trung Hoa" video

Since we're on the top about "Co Gai Trung Hoa." Singer Nhu Quynh who in the past I slammed for her horrible rendition of "Vang Trang Khoc" is at it again with the song "Co Gai Trung Hoa." First of all, the song doesn't fit her. She's has a daughter and husband and she's not even Chinese. In no way is this song fitting for her. She's a great singer, but not every singer can sing any song. There is a thing call "song choice." Her rendition gives me bad vibes.

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Anonymous said...

Jealous and have nothing better to do. Go get a job and stop being a snob. If you don't have something nice to say, don't say at all. Remember that!