Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Hoang Thuy Linh Bought Johnny Tri Nguyen's Souvenir

Hoang Thuy Linh won over La Thanh Huyen at NhacVietPlus charity concert where actor Johnny Tri Nguyen auctioned off his Feng Shui Fossil item raising money for Japan's victims. The actress bought the item at 10 million in (VND), (which is about 500 USD?). The Feng Shui Fossil had been on Johnny's desk for a long time, now the actor handed it to a new owner.

Johnny Tri Nguyen was a prominent face in the auction part of the show not only for bringing an interesting  item, but also for what he bought as well. The actor paid 30 million (VND) for a painting of Japanese girl brought by Yukato, Japanese guest of the event. The charity event was quite a success as it wasn't about the amount of money they raised but about helping out victims of the disaster that took place in Japan and letting the people know that they are alone.

My Thoughts: It is a very nice gesture of Vietnam and of nations to speak out, create charity events, and such to help Japan. There is just a question that came into mind... that if the same disaster had happened to China instead of Japan would Vietnam be as eager to publicly help given the recent conflict between the two countries over land. The fact that China's been getting bad reputation for their food production and the amount that gets transported and sold in Vietnam causing lots of deaths. Just a thought.



Anonymous said...

There are a lot of Chinese people living in Vietnam and amongst us abroad; therefore, I think the charities would still occur if China were to face a similar situation. The real question is: would China do the same for us?..

Anonymous said...

Correction: Would the Chinese do the same for us?