Friday, May 20, 2011

Huyen Ny's First Solo Album

The MC turned singer is working on an upcoming CD/DVD project to be release in late 2011. This will be the first solo album and music project for Huyen Ny. Below are behind the scene pictures from a MTV on location shoot in the desert. "Nóng bỏng dữ lắm!" (Translation: So hot!) However, not the singer, but the desert. Photos courtesy of Huyen Ny. Click on the images to enlarge.

From the look of the photos, I thought of Nhu Quynh and Lam Thuy Van. Nhu Quynh had an MTV where she was in a wedding dress with Ky Anh. And Lam Thuy Van did one at the desert with a flow-y dress, not sure if it was red though. But red seems to the typical color for desert shooting. I just hope the music video isn't cliche and cheesy. Anyhow, good luck Ny!


Anonymous said...

This girl sings terrible !

Anonymous said...

She can't sings, she can't emcee. Who is the deaf and blind to called her talented? Yeh forget, she married to a dentist got a baby boy that is not his. She sleeps her way to become a pharmacist. Oh how no one in her hometown Lincoln Nebraska even care for asking her an autographs. NOT ONE PERSON !