Saturday, June 25, 2011

Thoughts on Asia 68 - Saigon Noi Nho

I just watched Asia 68, Saigon Noi Nho and wanted to share some thoughts on the DVD. If you have been reading my blog, you know I'm not a fan of Asia DVDs. I used to be but not anymore. Where to begin? Well, maybe I'm used to a grand opening with beautiful lights, joyful music and beautiful singers and dancers from Paris By Night that when I watched Asia, I was a bit thrown back. Asia DVDs as of late as has been very dark looking as if not enough lights were invested. It's sad, because Asia has so many good potential singers, especially the young ones. However, these singers do not get to sing songs more fitting for their style or age. They get forced into war songs, sad songs, and bad remix. The only thing I like from this Asia DVD is the comedy. Hong Dao did an amazing job so kudos to her.

1. Sài gòn ơi! Vĩnh Biệt - Hồ Hoàng Yến,
2. Một thoáng Sài Gòn - Phillip Huy & Diễm Liên & Mưa - Hà Thanh Xuan
3. Mời em về - Y Phương
4. Ghé bến Sài Gòn-Trish
5. Con đường tình ta đi -Thanh Lan & Vũ Khanh
6. Trường cũ tình xưa-Đặng Thế Luân & Tâm Đoan
7. Bóng nhỏ đường chiều - Y Phụng & Tôi trở về thành phố ~Cardin
8. Thành phố sau lưng - Giang Tử & Con đường xưa em đi ~ Mỹ Huyền
9. Sài Gòn niềm nhớ không tên-Thanh Thuý
10. Khóc một giòng sông -Nguyễn Hồng Nhung
11. Sài Gòn -Phương Hồng Quế , Sơn Ca, Băng Châu
12. Chiều cuối tuần -Hoàng Oanh
13. Đêm nhớ về Sài Gòn-Quốc Khanh
14. Mưa Sài Gòn còn buồn không em-Thiên Kim & Chiều một mình qua phố - Đoàn Phi
15. Kịch: Quang Minh & Hồng Đào, Diễm Liên, Mỹ Huyền
16. Sài Gòn về miền dĩ vãng -Lâm Nhật Tiến
17. Nỗi buồn hoa Phượng -Băng Tâm
18. Sài Gòn kỷ niệm -Đan Nguyên
19. Bay đi cánh chim biển -Lê Anh Quân & Một giấc mơ , Thương nhau ngày mưa -Thuỳ Hương
20. Lưu bút ngày xanh - Tường Nguyên & Tường Khuê
21. Sài Gòn vẫn mãi trong tôi- Mai Thanh Sơn
22. Tân cổ Chiều thương đô thị-Ngọc Huyền & Phương Vũ
23. Một lần đi - Lâm Thuý Vân
24. Việt Nam Quê Hương ngạo nghễ-Hợp Ca

I thought Asia videos couldn't get any worse than the last but it did in "Saigon Noi Nho." The stage was dark with an unchanging design of Saigon that got boring to look at after two performances. Trish's performance was uninspiring. (For once, she didn't have crazy make up, hair and clothes)."Ghé bến Sài Gòn" is such a happy and fun song, yet I couldn't feel that happiness and excitement that Saigon brings in her presentation. The song needs powerful voices not soft ones. But Doan Phi was worse. The remix to "Chiều một mình qua phố" where he basically talked instead of singing, which a lot of singers did in a slow and sluggish way as if they're really tired. Quoc Khanh was also one. Did you see Le Anh Quan's eyes? (You should go watch to see what I'm talking about). Overall, the DVD was a typical "Asia" with bad fashion, make up and hair (MC Thuy Duong's white dress with the big white flower, Hoang Oanh's make-up and Ngoc Huyen's hair), poor remixes, dark stage, and political bashing of current Saigon A.K.A. Ho Chi Minh City. The last Asia DVD was anti- China and now they're back to their old ways. I am disappointed in MC Thuy Duong for joining that bandwagon in her thoughts on Saigon today. I wonder if her Visa will get deny the next time she tries to enter Vietnam. Lastly, MC Viet Dung needs to whiten his teeth. OH and I almost forgot.... that pineapple on the post stand, which my sister kept mentioning the whole time we watched the DVD together. She said that Asia could have gotten a better one. If not, she could give them one. LOL. My sister was stuck on that the whole time. She has a thing for fresh and good looking fruits. But then I reminded her that Asia did many taping so they probably reused the fruit over and over again for days. Well I'm done bashing Asia, my usual thing (lol) and now it's your turn. What are your thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Dude, did Asia entertainment kill your family or something?

Anonymous said...

VC paid money to this bitch to say like this

Anonymous said...

OMG I am watching the DVDs now and can't get passed Viet Dzung "golden teeth"!! I also agree with you on their lack of lighting, poor make up, costumes... Disappointing!

Anonymous said...

The "silent war" between anti-Vietcong and Vietcong will be ended soon as older generations pass away. The majority of young people who are living in U.S/Australia/Europe will not consent much about these anti-Vietcong things. However, I still would like to make some statements on this issue. NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO LIVE IN VIETNAM ARE VIETCONG, NOT ALL PEOPLE WHO WORK FOR THE VIETNAMESE GOVERNMENT ARE COMMUNIST.
Let me talk about some facts:
A. United States
1. United States declared war on Vietnam because of its own benefits.
2. During the war, American soldiers killed thousands of non-Vietcong (civilians) with the use of “Agent Orange” still causing the pain of many families.
3. United States left the anti-Vietcong behind in 1975
4. United States, in the near future, will have many connections with Vietnamese Government to prevent the power of China

B. Current Vietnam’s Government
1. Many people who work for government are corrupted. Yes, this is the truth.
2. The government has the power to control freedom of speech and freedom of express
3. Very sensitive with “bad information” , new political views

C. Anti-Vietcong
1. Old generations who do not have much political power as well as money to influence any significant political movements in Vietnam
2. Very sensitive:
a. Do not like Asia Entertainment = Vietcong
b. Singers from Vietnam = very high chance of being labeled as Vietcong
c. Having different point of view on an issue = Vietcong or being paid to work for Vietcong
d. People from oversea come to Vietnam for business = Vietcong
3. Always says “being homeless” (Ti. Na.n)
a. Most of people (99%) who live oversea can come back to Vietnam and live a good life. 1% remain are people who make public announcement they are strongly anti-Vietcong.
Bang Kieu, when he went was back to Vietnam, did the government arrest him? No and remember Bang Kieu did claim how bad the government was when he just came to the U.S. Many singers in U.S sing in Vietnam without problem.
b. Take their family members from Vietnam to the U.S to be “homeless”?????

Gee said...

Please ignore the ignorant and idiotic comments regarding the Viet Cong paying you to write this article. I actually remember reading this article in passing, but I am currently watching Asia 68 right now and had to go find this article again.

I don't know if you noticed this but, the dancers this taping were just terrible, terrible! They were never together and they looked like the most lifeless bunch I've ever watched!

Hoang Anh's make up! My mom is ironing clothes as we're "watching" the DVD, and she had to look up when Hoang Anh came on because I almost screamed. What was she thinking letting the make up artists draw all that blue on her??

I love Trish, I really do, but every time she says "Nam Bác"'s Bắc! Bắc! Take some enunciation lessons!

And before anyone calls me a VC lover, I am as anti Communist as they get, but Asia is first and foremost a music production, a form of entertainment. They're not helping anyone by blatantly declaring their political views. There's so much more they can do for their cause if they just calm down and get it together.

Anonymous said...

Asia is going downhill.

Tuan Nguyen said...

Asia bây giờ tệ hơn hồi xưa rất nhiều. Asia bây giờ xuống dốc không phanh.