Friday, July 22, 2011

Anh Minh to Appear in Paris By Night 104

Anh Minh was once rumored to leave Asia and became a freelance singer; however she remains on Asia videos. A list of singer's line up for Paris By Night 104- Beginnings in Las Vegas showed that Anh Minh will appear on the show. This is quite exciting news for fans to see her on a different stage other than Asia's. What will she be singing and how will her performance be like? Lots of questions are pondering the minds of viewers. Personally I'm tired of seeing Anh Minh in Japanese related themes. She's always designed with a giant fan for example and make-up to be Japanese inspired. It's getting old.

Also joining Paris By Night 104 is Tu Quyen who was rumored to leave Thuy Nga alongside Nguyet Anh. Tu Quyen was MIA in the last two Paris By Night DVDs 102 and 103. She might be coming back as just a free lance singer and not so much a singer under contract with Thuy Nga. Either way, fans are happy to see her back. Tu Quyen is one of my favorite singers and I'm excited to see her back. I can't wait to watch Paris By Night 104 to see Anh Minh and Tu Quyen's performances. What are your thoughts?


TVB Shine said...

I'm so excited to see Anh Minh on PBN. She's an amzing performer and I'm really curious to see her upcoming performance. Hopefully she can duet with LTQ or MTD.

climbatri said...

Am too excited to see Anh Minh on Thuy Nga, I think they can make a star out of her. I have liked all of her song selection in Asia - I hope she will continue to shine. Love Anh Minh

Anonymous said...

I don't see anything Japanese from Anh Minh at all... except for that one Sayonara song. I hope she will continue to do well in PBN because she can sing a lot better than the most of the young faces on PBN and Asia

Matthew said...

I think it'll be a nice change for her. Her vocals and stage presence should fit right along with Thuy Nga. There seems to be a huge glut of female singers in PBN now!

Anonymous said...

Anh Minh has a weak voice that's all I can tell. Don't like her singing. She should focus on her passionate for singing career than making money.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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