Friday, July 01, 2011

Helena Hong Ngoc Vietnam Photos

Actress Helena Hong Ngoc recently visited Vietnam in June, 2011 to see family. She took a lot of pictures, especially of food from different regions in Vietnam (Bac, Trung, Nam). The actress was in the city at Ben Thanh Market eating "banh beo" and then to the countryside with street vendors. Check out the photos below. Click on the images to enlarge.

"Eating banh beo with one of my favorite uncles!! ♥ ♥"

Gosh, makes me want "che." T_T

(O.o We have the same dress!)
"My little niece, she is half viet half american....she looks more white tho, ehehe"

"Helena va nhac si Ni nguyen!"

"I was walking around the Vietnam Airport and saw this. My photo on a cover of a viet magazine. I took this soo long ago, 2 years ago. looks kinda sen to me, LOL...they didnt even photoshop my bags :("

"Here is my ba 6, she cooked for me almost everyday, home cooked food. it was awesome. She is 75, and likes to watch wrestling and boxing, LOL"

"My cousin ;))"

"cousins :))"

so brave

"banana wine..wasnt that great really, LOL"

really brave

"my snake, brother and I ..he was a big one!!!"

"i Have a wierd thing with mit (jack fruit) trees. I think they are so wierd and cool. A gigantic fruit growing out of the bark of a tree...strange."

"my cousin!!! miss him!! ♥ ♥"

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